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German History Revision sheets / answers

-A Nazi is a member of the National socialist German works party (NSDAP)

- A fascist is someone who is extreme right wing- the idea of being superior and
wanting greatness for nation/country
- A communist is someone who believes everyone should be equal…

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- It was a democratic government- even woman could vote

-Other reasons for the Weimar republic being set up were it was a new start; they had
been abandoned by the Kaiser and trying to get a fair deal from other countries.

-The Weimar constitution.
-All parties were given a…

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-Versailles was just outside Paris.

- The treaty was created on the 28th June 1919

- The main reason the treaty was created was because Germany was blamed for the
war; victorious countries agreed this.
- The `Big Three' set up the treaty to prevent Germany from starting another war.…

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-In the party Hitler took control of newspapers, advertised meetings (200 attended),
announced new name- National Socialist German Workers party ­NSDAP or Nazi and
finally announced the 25-point plan.
-Hitler challenged Drexler in 1921, which caused Hitler to take leadership of the

-Which influences were most important in Hitler's…


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