history key topic one

economic problems 1918 - 23

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economic problems 1

bankruptcy - its reserves of gold had been spent in the war. t of v made things worse. deprived germany of wealth - earning areas such as coalfields. germany asked for reductions but the victors especially france needed money to pay for war debts to the usa. by 1923 germany could no longer pay.

occupation of the ruhr - the french sent in troops to the german industrial area of the ruhr. they confiscated raw materials, manufactured goods and industrial machinery. the german government urged passive resistance - workers went on strike and there was even some sabotage. the french replied by arresting those who obstructed them and bringing in their own workers. the germans resented what the french had done. occupation of the ruhr did the french little good but crippled germany. many factories and around 80% of german coal, iron and steel based there. the disruption increased germanys debts unemployment and the shortage of goods.

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