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Aims Of Georges Clemenceau

  • Wanted Revenge
  • Wanted To Make Germany Pay
  • Wanted To Punish Germans For What They Caused
  • Wanted To Weaken Germany So That Germany Would Never Be Able To Invade France Again
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Aims Of David Lloyd George

  • Said He 'Wanted To Make Germany Pay' Because It Was What The British People Wanted to Hear.
  • He Wanted Justice
  • He DIDN'T Want Revenge
  • Wanted TO Expand The British Empire
  • Increase British Trade
  • Wanted TO Have British Control Of the Seas
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Aims Of Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

  • Wilson Wanted the Treaty Of Versailles To Be Harsh, But Not To Harsh So Germany Would Never Recover. 
  • He Wanted His 'Fourteen Points' To Be Put Place During the Treaty Of Versailles.
  • He Didn't Want To Be Involved In Any Other European Wars.
  • He Wanted To Make The World A Safer Place.
  • Disarmament
  • Self-Determination
  • End War, Making Fair Peace
  • He Wanted To Make A 'League Of Nations' 
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