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International relations

Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

Guilt for the war

Armed farced reduced


German territory seperated and given away (split)

LEague of nations is set up

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International relations

Now that you have revised these terms, without looking at the card keep writing them down on a piece of paper to remember them fully.

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international relations


Germany had to pay £6.6 million pounds in reparations to Britain, France and Belgium.

Reperations were given to these countries because they suffered the most from the war. France was were most of the war took place and Fench British abd Belgan soldiers were mostly involved in trying to defeat germany and it's allies.

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international relations

Other Treaties

  • St Germain- 1919: Austria

This treaty seperated Austria from Hungary. It forbade any anchluss between Germany and Austria (the coming togetheer of these countries). Forced Austria to disarm. Took territory from Austria. Austria was always a close ally of Germany and people in both countries were German speaking.

  • Trianon- 1920: Hungary

Hungary was reduced in a similar way to Austria.

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international relations

  • Sevres- 1920: Turkey
  • Neuilly- 1919: Bulgaria

Lost territory to Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia.

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