History - Factors that led to changes in the role of women (Britain)

Some revision cards on the factors that changed the role of women in Britain 

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Women's Liberation Stunts

- Helped to achieve equality in pay etc

- Brought women's issues into the public eye

- Set up women's refuges where women and children could be safe from abuse

- Showed that women could be strong and powerful

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Government legislation

- The Treaty of Rome provided equal pay and opportunities

- 1960s legislation gave more educational rights to women

- 1970 Equal pay act

- 1975 Sex Discrimination act

- Legislation on divorce, abortion and contraception gave women greater safety and freedom

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- Allowed sexual freedom

- Gave protection from STIs

- Women could plan/prevent children

- Removed the dangers of illegal abortion

- In 1961, the pill became free on the NHS

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Welfare State

- Family allowances were introduced and families could claim up to 5 shillings per child per week

- The NHS meant safer births and abortions

- Single mothers were given support

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- 1970 Equal pay act

- Women were paid on average 75% of men's wages

- The act came about through strikes e.g. Dagenham

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- Allowed women to contribute to the wealth of a marriage and receive assets in a divorce

- Allowed single or divorced mothers to provide for their children 

- Women became more respected in the workplace

- More women became qualified for skilled work

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Domestic Technology

- Made housework easier

- Time spent on housework decreased from and average 500 minutes per day (1950) to 345 minutes (1975)

- Homes had gas, electricity and water

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- Could afford modern conveniences (e.g. hoovers)

- Could cope without a man

- Could have a better social life 

- More money to spend on self

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Feminist Writers

- Empowered women

- Germaine Greer: The Female ****** 

- Key to the movement

- Persuasive texts

- Spread the cause nationally

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