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  • Alliances
  • Schlieffen Plan
  • Moroccon Crisis
  • Naval Arms Race
  • Bosnian Crisis
  • Agadir Crisis
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
  • Key Events (overall coverage)
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The Triple Alliance before the war consisted of: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy (1882).

During the war, Italy swapped sides to join the Triple Entente.

The Entente Cordiale (friendly agreement) before the war consisted of: Britain, France and Russia. (1893 - became an alliance but 1904 - signed the agreement.)

The USA joined the Entente Cordiale as off 1917 (3 years into the war.)

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Schlieffen Plan 1897

Germany's aim was to attack France and Russia, so they made the Schlieffen Plan. It took years to complete.

As Germany believed that France were weak from previous experiences, they put all their effort into Russia.

The plan involved going through Belguim, but when it came to this, Belguim's border was too strong and stopped Germany passing through.

Germany then attacked Belguim in 1914 and the plan FAILED.

France really disliked Germany now.

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Moroccon Crisis (1) 1905-6

France owned Morocco and Germany didn't like this as they wanted Morocco for themselves.

Germany promised to support Morocco for independence (to make them prefer Germany.)

Britain and France (allies) are now against Germany but as it is 2 against 1, Germany felt intimidated and backs down.


Begins causing tension between countries.

France and Britain are realising that Germany is a nuisance.

Morocco still has no independence - no issues have been solved.

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Naval / Arms Race 1906-14

Naval Race - Who has the biggest or best navy (boats/ships/dreadnoughts.)

Arms Race - Who has the biggest or best army, weapons, tanks, etc.

Britain are fighting Germany.

Britain launched the HMS Dreadnought and appeared to have won immediately. This dreadnought was huge, not even Germany's large army could have compared.

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Bosnian Crisis - 1908-9 (The Balkans)

During the Turkish Revolution, many countries had been distracted. This made it easy for Austria-Hungary to annex Bosnia, and they did.

Serbia were angry because they wanted possession of Bosnia, so they join forces with Russia who supports Serbia, and go against Austria-Hungary.

Austria-Hungary gets support from Germany to even this out. Germany's idea is to use aggression to get Serbia and Russia to back down and speaks to Russia 1 to 1.

Russia gets scared and backs down which leaves Serbia who then must also back down.


Germany and Austria-Hungary realise they have strong powers (as they won) and Germany realises aggression helps to get your own way.

Serbia and Russia now hate Germany and Austria-Hungary.

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Moroccon Crisis (2) - "Agadir" 1911

Germany is still looking for ways to annex Morocco and sends a threatening gunner ship facing towards Britain and France - using aggression.

Britain and France (allies) are worried about this and hand over compensation.

Germany is satisfied with the amounts of money they were given and agrees to leave Morocco alone.

France has gained victory because they still own Morocco and Germany is officially out of the way.


Morocco still is not independent - not enough issues have been solved.

Germany was slightly satisfied with the outcome.

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Assassination of Franz Ferdinand (1914)

28th June - short term cause of WW1.

FF is on a good will tour with his wife (Sophie) in Sarajevo. The route there and back had been planned in advance, which meant the Black Hand Gang could find them easily.

They were in an open top car and drove passed the first member of BHG who decided not to shoot. They went to a speech and then got back in their car to return home. The driver took a wrong turn into a small cafe where the BHG were sitting after giving up thinking they had no chance.

They shot Sophie and Franz Ferdinand dead. (Gavrilo Princip was the assassinator.)

Austria-Hungary are furious their leader is dead and called Germany for support.

Serbia asks Russia for support and France decides to join, also. (Angry about Schlieffen Plan)

Austria-Hungary declares WORLD WAR 1

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Key Events and Extra Facts

Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of Germany during this period. His main aim was 'Welt Politik' - World Politics.

Britain took part in a splendid isoation in 1904 - They had a huge empire and didn't feel the need to join any alliances. This got dangerous when everyone started teaming up so they joined the Entente Cordiale.

The Franco-Russian Alliance was between only France and Russia in 1893.

The Japanese Alliance was between Britain and Japan (both big alliances.)

For source pictures remember: (information might already be given, repeat with explanation)

N (ature) - what is it? ie speech/cartoon/propaganda poster, etc...

O (rigin) - where from? ie English magazine, German Newspaper, so on...

P (urpose) - explain what is happening/what is relates to/your own opinion...

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