History, paper 2.

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Why did people support Hitler and the Nazis?

  • People had a sense of fear and were intimidated just to walk on the streets because Hitler set members of the SA to walk the streets of Germany. They obviously thought the answer to all the stopping was to vote Hitler.
  • Hitler convinced the public by making promises, he was a good public speaker, he gave easy answers and he used propagander. He also had the idea of ripping up the TofV and that is what Germany needed as a country. Someone to bring them back up to the strong country and out of the depression.
  • One promise Hitler did make was 'Bread and Work' which meant he was helping the very low unemployment. He gave people jobs which meant people could have meals at night. It helped the fact that world wide, people were suffering from the Great Depression. He built moterways, schools and many more buildings to make work in the country. Also weapons needed to be made (rearmament).
  • Other reasons people supported Hitler and the Nazis were that there was already too many coalition parties in Germany, meaning there were too many decisions being made that didn't happen. This meant with Hitler, things were going to happen. (Weimar Constitution).
  • Also, Hitler had very good campaigns, he flew around the country giving very good speeches to make people believe there was still a lot going for Germany. No body had ever seen someone fly from town to town, so it made them feel he was doing good. He was very for Germany being strong again. 
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Hitler and the Jews.

  • Hitler believed that the Germans/Aryan race were the master race, they were superior to all the other groups.
  • Jews were classed as 'UNTERMENSCHEN' meaning not worthy of respect.
  • In 1933 Jews were banned from civil service, education and broadcasting.
  • Again in 1933, rge ** started to boycott the Jewish shops and businesses. All Jewish businiesses were marked with the gold star.
  • In 1935 the Nuremberg laws were passed, Jews were no longer German citizens and were banned from marrying or having sex with Germans.
  • In 1938 the night of broken glass, Kristallnacht, happened. A Jewish student shot a German Politicitan, they used this as a night to attack.
  • In 1938, anti-semetic laws were passes, Jews were expelled from schools and businesses were shut.
  • Again in 1938, Jews were given identification cards to show that they were Jewish.
  • And in 1939 the Nazis invaded Poland.
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Who benefited...

  • Basically, it was really just the Men who were fully German who benefited from Nazi Germany ecause they got all the jobs and the praise..
  • Also anyone who was anti jew benefited from the period of History.
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