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English Civil War 1642

  • 1625 Charles I is King and marries a french catholic, Henrietta Maria.
  • 1628- He does Personal Rule (rule without Parliament).
  • He is advised by the unpopular Duke of Buckingham.
  • POLITICAL- his personality, personal rule, unpopular advisors.
  • RELIGIOUS- Changes to Church with Archbishop Laud, punishment of Puritan pamphlet writers, Prayer book rebellion.
  • FINANCIAL- Has to call parliament as in debt after war with Scots, Illegal taxes.
  • SHORT TERM- Grand remonstrance, 19 propositions.
  • 1645- creation of new model army.
  • 1649- Execution of Chalres I.
  • 1653- Rump parliament dissolved, Cromwell becomes Lord protector.
  • 1658- Death of Cromwell.
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  • 1660- Restoration of Charles II.
  • 1665- plague.
  • 1666- Great fire of London.
  • 1685- Death of Charles II, James II (brother of Charles II) becomes King.
  • 1688- Glorious Revolution, James dies and his daughter , Mary (who is married to the protestant) William of Orange, takes the throne!
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