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  • History
    • Atlantic Slave Trade
      • Triangular Trade
        • Britain -> West Africa    -> West Indies
        • Britain to west Africa delivered, cloth, metal pots and pans and guns
        • from Africa to West Indies enslaved Africans
        • Slaves were traded for sugar and ivory
        • Glasgow carried half of Europe's tobacco
        • Liverpool was the busiest port in Britain
          • Bristol was bombed due to slavery
        • Created jobs in Britain: Ship Builders, Slave traders, fishermen, bankers and sailors
      • Effect on Africa
        • Many suffered
        • Ashanti
          • An inland kingdom on the gold coast
            • They became powerful and started war on their neighbours in order to get more slaves
        • Dahomy
          • Inland kingdom on the slave coast
          • Untitled
          • Organised raids
      • How they were captured
        • Children taken when away from adults
        • Iron rings attached to their legs


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