To give a overrveiw of what we have done in history for Year 8

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Henry and his famliy

Henry the 8 Wives And Children-

Catherine of Aragon- Divorced- Children- Mary the 1

Anne Boleyn- Beheaded- Children- Elizabeth the 1

Jane Seymour- Died- Children- Edward the 6

Anne of Cleves- Divorced

Catherine Howard- Beheaded

Catherine Parr- Survived

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Henry and the Reformation

  • The Reformation happened when Henry the 8 was not allowed to divorced from Catherine of Aragon by the Popes Orders so Henry was infuriated and he then broke away from the Church.
  • So he could divorced Catherine of Aragon because she only had girl and He wanted male heir so badly so that he his family had Son that was ruling England
  • With this it give more power and which also led to Parliament having more to.
  • This also led to making money from the churches, that the Catholic built.
  • It also led to Act of Supremacy which means that and Catholic believes where executed under the Act of Supremacy.
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Elizabeth and her Portraits

They are normally when showing her it make sure that England is Strong and she is also very strong and England is still young and strong and the are doing well finding nation for there ever growing empire. It also shows that are also strong and they can even beat th mighty Spanish Armada.

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The Gunpowder Polt

Main People; Robert Catbesy- leader Guy Fawkes- Explosive Expert

What Happened was it was a big set up against the Catholics. It was so that Spanish would shut up. This was because many things happened that points towards a Conspiracy against the catholics this was because it would shut them up too. This was because there was no gunpowder records that year and then how did the get so close to house of Parliament when one of the guys are on a warning.Then why did Robert Castbesy when his was caring a cross and tried to turn himself in.

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Civil War

This was caused by King Charles and not giving the Parliament the power they wanted and this caused arguments then the tried to aersest 5 senoir MP's. This what started a Civil war that lasted for for 5 years and so many new revelation like the first paid and professional army called the New model army this is helped the Parliamentarian win the war. This meant the Royalist lost the war because of this smart scheme.

The army was different this is because you could be the poorest man in the world yet you then you could became general because you are smart.

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Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

Good Thing

He was smart and lead england to peace. He won ever war he was in control of. He also give england more from the voice of the people.

Bad Thing

Ireland it was a sad because he ruined a population and stuffed many things up and did bad things like burning the church down and slaughtering women and children in Drogheda. He had made some silly and very dumb laws when was king like no Christmas. He also was the same as Charles really closing down Parliament constantly.

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