GCSE HISTORY:paper one-changes in work and changes to the fanchise

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Revision for paper one

Knowledge and understanding

Why did women find it so hard to begin a career at the beginning of the 20th century?

· Women were not as well educated as men.

· Before 1876 education was not compulsory

· It was not free until 1880

· Some families only educated there sons and not their daughters

· One in fifty stayed at school after the age of ten

· Women were expected to get married and have children.

· Men were the head of the house hold and told women what to do

· Women’s pay was less than men’s

· The law offered little protection to women when they tried to get a job

· Women did not have the vote

The employment opportunities for women in the years to 1914

· The largest employment was domestic service

· Many girls went into domestic service when they left school at the age


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