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History GCSE Paper 2
The following are the types of question you will come
across in the source based paper 2

What is the MESSAGE of?
How are these sources SIMILAR/DIFFERENT?
How USEFUL is this source?
HOW FAR does this source PROVE
WHY was this source published?
How far do…

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How are these sources SIMILAR/
Level 1 Describes the sources rather than identifies valid similarity/difference.

Level 2 Identifies valid similarity/difference unsupported by detail from sources. 2
Details of the sources are matched/contrasted, but no/invalid similarity/difference is
pointed out.

Level 3 Identifies valid similarity/difference supported by detail…

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Do you trust Source X more than
Source Y about .....?
Use details of the sources and your knowledge to explain your
Level 1 Comprehension only/general assertion. 12

Level 2 Valid inference/s unsupported by detail from a source. 23
If refers to one source only do not reward at…

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How far do the sources in this paper
support this statement?
Use details of the sources and your knowledge to explain your answer.
Remember to identify the sources you use. 12 marks

Level 1 General answers unsupported by detail from the sources. 12
Level 2 Onesided answer using relevant…


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