Henry VII's foreign policy

My revision cards on Henry VII's foreign policy.

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Relations With Other European Countries

Brittany: Henry owed Brittany a lot after his exile there. Trade agreement in 1486. Breton Crisis 1487 - 1492, England supported Brittany. France: Conflict of interest for Henry as France and Brittany were at war. A 1 year truce was signed in 1485b but was extended to 1489. Holy Roman Empire: Henry wanted to use Maximilian as an ally against France and Spain. Extended the existing treaty by 1 year. Burgundy: Enemy of Henry VII. Nothing diplomatic achieved. Henry bans trade with Burgundy until 1496. After 1495, relations improved. Spain: Henry VII feared an Franco-Spanish alliance against him, though Spain wanted to win areas off France. Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489 - mutual support of each other, marriage of Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur. Relations faltered after 1504. 1506 Spain and France were allied, Spain no longer needed England. Scotland: Henry VII feared a Scottish invasion, but a 3 year truce was signed in 1486. Treaty of Perpetual Peace 1502. 1503 marriage of Princess Margaret to James IV.

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The Breton Crisis 1487-92

Brittany wanted independance, France wanted to absorb Brittany into the kingdom of France, England wanted to honour their obligation to Brittany, avoiding conflict with France, Spain and the HRE wanted Brittany to be independant. 1487 - plan for Charles VIII to marry Anne of Brittany. 1489 - Treaty of Redon meant Henry, Ferdinand and Maxamilian would build anti-French alliance where the Bretons would cover costs of the 3,000 English army. 1491, France takes control of Brittany when Charles marries Anne, Henry besieged Boulogne. 1492 - Treaty of Etaples meant French would pay an annual pension off £5,000 to England, Charles VIII would not support any imposters and England would pull out from Brittany.

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