Henry VIII Government

Structure of Government

1509-14 Conciliar Government

1514-29 Wolsey

1529-32 Conciliar Government

1532-40 Thomas Cromwell

1540-47 Conciliar Government

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How did Henry view the role of Government?

·         Henry was happy to let others do the mundane work for him

·         Style of government varied across his reign

·         To grant extraordinary revenue to the crown

·         Pass laws

·         Parliament could advise the monarch

·         Henry called parliament 9 times

·         Primary source was to get revenue

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Problems for Henry in Court

·         Things looked positive for Cromwell as moves towards Protestantism were being introduced and the monasteries were being dissolved as well as Henry getting a son

·         After the death of Jane Seymour, it would be beneficial for Henry to marry a foreign princess because England was in danger of a joint attack from France and Spain after their truce in 1538

·         Henry became angry with Cromwell as Cromwell had been badly misinformed about Anne’s appearance. Henry took a violent dislike to her and demanded that the marriage should be cancelled

·         Cromwell’s enemies damaged his relationship with Henry as they had made good use of the collapse of the Cleves marriage in early 1540

·         Cromwell’s enemies used this opportunity to poison Henry’s relationship with his chief minister

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Death of Cromwell

·         The fall of Cromwell came suddenly, but his power depended on his obedience to Henry’s wishes

·         His failures, religious preferences and the Cleves marriage made Henry suspicious that Cromwell was pursuing his own interests

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