Thomas Wolsey

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  • Thomas Wolsey
    • Church Career
      • 1513 made Bishop of the captured French town Tourney
      • 1514 he was made the Archbishop of York
      • 1515 made Cardinal
      • 1518 became a Papal Legate (Head of the Church of England)
    • Personal Qualities
      • Excellent organisation skills. E.g organised the supplies and equipment needed for the war against France in 1513
      • Had an eye for detail meaning very little escaped him
      • Was witty and make excellent company for Henry as he knew how to communicateto the young king
    • Henry VIII’s attitude to administration
      • Henry found paper work tedious so left it for Wolsey to do because he trusted him
    • Role in Government
      • 1515 Wolsey becomes Lord Chancellor. His supported Thomas Rothall becomes Lord Privy Seal
      • Wolsey was the second most powerful man in England
      • As Lord Chancellor he was effectively the head of the Government. And was the King’s chief advisor which he would sometimes use to his advantage.


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