wolsey + cromwell fall from power

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  • downfall of henry viii ministers
    • cromwell
      • charged with treason and executed
        • (henry later regrets this)
      • position weakened by disastrous marriage between henry and ann of cleeves
      • boleyn faction, led by the duke of norfolk, was a driving force in the removal of cromwell
        • noble who is angered that a commoner became an earl
        • cromwell became one of the most dominant in court
        • spread rumours that cromwell wanted to introduce radical protestant doctrine
        • to gain henry's attention, catherine howard was introduced to him
      • henry had become ill and very fickle
    • wolsey
      • charged with praemunire (exercise wishes of pope over king)
        • removed from government (1529)
          • later rearrested (1530)
        • king saw delay in his marriage annulment was wolsey's fault
      • anne boleyn faction
        • persuaded henry that wolsey was prolonging annulment because catherine was so popular
      • nobles
        • disliked his status- especially as wolsey came from lowly backgrounds
      • henry vii
        • frustrated over lack of male heir, needed an annulment


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