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Legislation - Dannenberg

Dannenberg: Legislation are laws, and they vary from country to country or state to state in the USA.

Aim: Investigate the impact of passing a law for children to wear bicycle helmets.

Method & Procedure: Lab experiment; independent measures design; 7000+ children; from 3 counties in the USA; sent questionnaires regarding bicycle helmet use

County 1 = Helmets were compulsory and an educational campaign was given; County 2 = There was an educational campaign but no change in Law; County 3 = Minimal education about helmets and no change in Law

Results: County 1 = 11% to 37% increase; County 2 = 8% to 13% increase; County 3 = 7% to 11% increase

Conclusion: Having a change in legislation and having an educational campagin had a larger effect showing that having legislation can make a difference.

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