HDI Pros and Cons

HDI factors, pros and cons

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What factors are included in HDI?

  • Health: life expectancy at birth
  • Education: mean years/ expected years of schooling
  • Living standards: GNI per capita
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  • Few variables to measure - easy to calculate
  • considers social and economic factors
  • easily comparable between countries
  • takes government spending into account - if wealth is spent on society's needs
  • universally recognised
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  • remote areas are hard to get data from - not representative
  • may not reflect quality of life
  • situations can change very quickly
  • reliant on accurate data collection
  • averages don't show inequalities
  • in 2010 education was changed from literacy rates to school enrollment - not directly comparable
  • classifying a country as 'high'/'low' can be demoralising for those at the bottom and put off investors
  • the 3 factors aren't mutually exclusive - they are dependant on each other
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