Guerilla Warfare

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Ho Chi Minh Trail

  • A supply route that the North Vietnamese used to help the Vietcong fight their guerilla war.
  • It ran through Laos and Cambodia in an attempt to avoid US bombing raids.
  • The trail was constantly being relocated to prevent the US from gaining enough knowledge to destroy the supply route.
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Booby Traps

  • Set up traps for US troops.
  • Man traps which used bamboo spikes to inflict painful wounds. Troops then left to suffer.
  • One trap designed so you could not escape without further impling on bamboo spikes.
  • Trip wires or dig holes filled with spikes, coated in human excrement.
  • Covered holes with leaves - deception.
  • Markers like broken sticks would be left on the paths to warn fellow Vietcong about the location.
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  • Used by the Vietcong guerillas as hiding spot during combat, serving as communication and supply route, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous guerilla fighters.
  • This frustrated Americans as they couldn't find the tunnels.
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