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historry cold awr

tet offensive-1968 

  • surprise attack by vietcong
  • tet was a holiday, there had been a ceasefire
  • nearly 14,000 US were killed but the offensive was beaten back
  • 100 major cities attacked

why the usa failed in vietnam

  • Unpopular - TV crews were allowed into vietnam to film the events so audiences saw the horrible images
  • There were many US casualties - over 200,000.
  • It was a very expensive war. it cost billions.
  • Vietcong was much more popular than the americans to the South vietnamese
  • Many civilians were killed in the bombing campaign and this made the North Vietnamese more determined
  • The Vietcong were skilled in guerilla warfare while the americans werent
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guerrila tactics

  • ambushing soldier patrols
  • booby traps- land mines and explosive traps, spike traps and tripwire traps
  • secret roads like the ho chi minh trail and secret tunnels/ underground bases
  • not wearing uniform so they blended in with the normal civilians
  • staying close to americans so they coundn't use airstrikes without casualties on thier ownside
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