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What to include for the Global question in the exam. 

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McChensney (Uni of Illinois)

·         ‘Anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-authoritarian’.

·         ‘The spectator which now haunts the world’.

McDonald (Uni of Auckland)

·         Bhutan

·         ‘TV is an absorbing and fascination medium’.

Robert Reich (Uni of Berkley)

·         ‘Through carefully selected groups of signifiers, the producers of the texts have reaffirmed the dominate ideology, patriarchal ideology and USA’s right to be a world power’.


·         Hermeneutic codes (refers to any element of the story that is not fully explained and hence becomes a mystery to the reader)


·         Narratemes

Kate Domallo (Uni of Southampton)

·         ‘Tides up the mess of life’.


·         Texts control spectators (hegemony)

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Time Warner

·         1989

·         $25 bil 1997 sales

·         200 subsides

·         Growth tonic

·         AS 14% mid 1990s, then 29% end of decade

·         1,000 screens outside US


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Example of Media Product

Top Gun

·         Viacom (1986)

·         Cruse ‘encodes…’

·         Golden filter ad slow mo

·         ECU’s beginning


·         CBS TV Studios, Jerry Bruckhamer

·         Almost every 1st-2nd world

·         200 markets

·         High production values

·         Glamorous, strongly lit slow mo

·         Expensive aerial shots

·         Soft focus + hyperbolic hero strongly placed (golden mean)

Ugly Betty

·         ABC (2006)

·         Sakma Hayek

·         Ironic telenovela extracts

·         Popular Hispanic audience

·         Frequently varied with clever editing (emphasised, rather than concealed, by orchestral non-diegetic sound)

·         ELS walk through door, ‘are you the before?’

Ne Daj Se Nina

·         Serbo Crowat

·         Lana Gojok

·         Withdrawn, audience preferred US glamour (audience pleasures they identified with) to local setting + issues

·         Static camera

·         Reception desk

·         Observed in 2-S, with other characters partially in shot

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