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  • June 25th 1997 (small eruptions started in Jully 1995)
  • 4.5 mllion m of rock and gas released 
  • 19 killed
  • Destructive plate margin
  • Alantic plate subducted under the Caribbean

Primary impacts

  • large areas covered with volcanic material - Plymouth buried under 12m of mud and ash
  • 20 villages destroyed
  •  2/3 of homes destroyed 
  • schools, hospitals airports and the port - destroyed
  • 19 people died
  • vegetation and farmland destroyed

Immediate responses

  • People evacuated - safe areas
  • shelters built
  • Temporary infinistructure -roads and electricity supplies
  • UK provided 17million of emergency aid
  • Local emergency services provided support- search & rescue

Secondary Impacts

  • Fires destroyed many buildings - Governmentoffices , police headquarters , petrol station
  • Tourists stayed away - distributing the economy
  • Population decline
  • Volcanic ash improved soil fertility 
  • Tourism Increase - see volcano 

Long term responses

  • Risk map and an exclusion zone is in place
  • South of Island is off limits wile the volcano is still active
  • UK provided £41 million - new docks airports and houses
  • Montserrat Volcano Observatory has been set up to try and predict furture eruptions
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