Geography- Development

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Development definitions

Development- process of change to improve people's lives

MEDC- (More Economically Developed Country)- wealthy industrialised countries

LEDC- (Less Economically Developed Country)- poorer and more agricultural countries

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Development Indicators

Development Indicators: 

  • Literacy Rate
  • Population Density
  • Car ownership
  • Gross National Product* (GNP)
  • % Population with access to clean/safe water
  • Infant mortality rate
  • % People employed in agriculture
  • % People living in urban areas
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GDP- (Gross Domestic Product)

The total number of goods and services a coutry produces.

Measured in $ worldwide-so it can be compared globally

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Ghana Introduction

Location- West coast of Africa, just above the equator.

Climate- Varied (very extreme) hot. wet, dry and monsoon.

Wealth: Rich in natural resources but still very poor country.

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Poverty definitions

Absolute poverty- the minimum level of requirement for people to survive.

Relative Poverty- the economic inequality in the location/society in which people live

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HDI- (Human Development Index) combines data on: GDP per capita (person) life expactancy, adult literacy rate, enrolment in education to give a score from 0-1.

The closer to 1, the most developed the country is

eg.     MEDC- 0.82

    LEDC- 0.4

0.8<-High Development

0.5-0.8- Medium Development

0.5>- Low Development

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Development Gap

Development Gap- difference between the richest and poorest countries

Reasons for British Development:

  • Historical- stable government
  • Environmental- fertile farming soils
  • Economic- lots of investment
  • Social- NHS+Lots of doctors
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Why is Ghana an LEDC?

Why is Ghana an LEDC?

  • Ghana was a colony
  • Land is being destroyed and cleared for farming
  • Past political unrest
  • HUGE debt
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'Money' definitions

World Bank- joint bank owned by government from lots of countries

Debt- money that is owed and hasn't been paid off

Interest Rate- charge for taking loans, given each year as ....% of the loan.

Tariff- tax a government places on imports

Aid-help given to poorer countries

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Types of aid

Bilateral Aid- one country gives aid to another country

Multilateral Aid- more than one country gives aid to one country

2 types of aid:

  • Aid that trickles down- money back to rich country :(
  • Aid that trickles up- money stays in the LEDC :)
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Aid Blunders

Things that can go wrong with Aid:

  • Donors can insist on unsuitable Aid
  • Highly skilled personnel can be expensive
  • Aid can undermine local producers
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Millenium Development Goals

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve universal primary education
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve maternal health
  • Compat HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Global partnership for development
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