describe the physical characteristics of each layer of the rainforest
Emergent layer=dense canopy layer Canopy layer=The broad irregular crowns of these trees form a tight, continuous canopy 60 to 90 feet above the ground Understory layer=recieves little light area struggles for growth immature levelverydarklittlegrows
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what is an ecosystem
a complex web linking animals plants (fauna) plants (flora), air and the natural environment in which they live (soil and climate) they are inderdependant
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what are the characteristics of an ecosystem
there is biotic which means a living part of the ecosystem e.g. plants, trees, owls, spiders and there is ABIOTIC parts which are non living parts of an ecosystem
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what does climate mean in an ecosystem
the climate is the main factor in an ecosystem because only a few organisms are able to live in that environment because of the climate
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what does distribution mean in an ecosystem
The distribution of living organisms in a particular habitat may be affected by physical factors such as temperature and amount of light.
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how is distribution measured
a quadrat
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how are plants adapted for living in a tropical rainforest
EPIPHYTES are parasitic plants that take root in trees high in the canopy also a lot of tees have butress roots which means that they can cover a large surface area with their roots
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what are the impacts of commercial farming
palm oil plantations lead to deforestation, often by buring the trees. This does bring economical gain but at the expense of the rainforest as in borneo where tey are cutting the tres there
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what are the impacts of logging
the co2 released when the trees are cut down causes global warming and as the trees arent there there will be a drier climate as transpiration cant take place
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what are the impacts of mining
it can lead to worse environmental air, soil and water. there could also be metal contamination
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what are ways to make commercial farming, logging and mining more sustainable
by only cutting down some of the trees (selective logging) it will help maintain the rainforests ecosystem. by educating the people causing damage about what they are doing it might stop them. eco tourism
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what is ecotourism
It encourages visitors to a country and it will benifit local communities and environments
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what is debt relief
debt relief is where a rich country who has lended a country money who has rainforests will offer for the country paying them back to pay them back by not cutting down their rainforests
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describe the term biodiversity
biodiversity is a wide range of different species
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what is the characteristics of a desert
Deserts have extreme temperatures and less than 250mm of rainfall pper year
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how are desert animals and plants adapted for living there
a cactus can hold onto its water for a long time and has a giant root system and a desert fox has large ears to lose heat and live underground where possible
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what is the distribution of animals in a desert
they hide in the day to avoid dehydration in burrows and a lot are nocternal
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what are the opportunities of the desert
tourists can visit arease.g. death valley and militaries can test out airplanes nad train troops. Solar and wind energy generation and film makers are attracted by the scenery there is also a lot of
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what are the challenges of the desert
with temperatures of 40+ degrees the offroad vehicles can damage the ecosystem. The growth of urban areas threaten the desert area and pollutes the air and as the demand for water increases such as las vegas it is harder to fulfil these demands
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what are causes of desertification
desertification can result from poorly managed human intervention causes include unsustainable farming and overgrazing
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what are strategies to combat desertification
1harvesting branches rather than whole trees to prevent deforestation, soil erosion2crop rotation to keep a varied supply of nutrients in the soil and prevent soil erosion
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what are the consequences of uneven development
uneven development e.g. lagos can lead to areas in the suburbs not having sufficent water or facilities so this can lead to disease
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what are some strategies used to reduce the development gap
some strategies used is for large companies such as shell to relocate to an area such as nigeria where they have been improving the development of the area2Fairtrade is used
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what are some ways to improve the quality of life
by building facilities it will allow development as people will have a nicer quality of life
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what is HDI
human development index it is worked out by linking life expectancy and education(number of years in school)
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what are the disadvantages of a trans national company in a NEE
Shell pollute large amount of the landscape by releasing and burning the oil that they drill so if the oil is not needed they will burn it away they also only offer the highest jobs to people from their country that they're from
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what are the advantages of a trans national company
they offer jobs and perhaps housing to and facilities to a local area including offering a high amount of jobs to a vast area e.g. shell in Nigeria
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what was one of the major changes in the UK economy
robots were replacing jobs in production sectors such as the car industry and other countries such as china can produce it a lot cheaper. new investment in tertiary industries e.g. services lead to Britain becoming a leader in the tertiary industry
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name an example of how modern industrial development can be more environmentally sustainable
westleigh quarry is being more environmentally sustainable by planting trees to block the view and to create a nicer environment for the local area and they can also fill in the quarry with water when they are done
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revise mean median and mode
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what is an ecosystem


a complex web linking animals plants (fauna) plants (flora), air and the natural environment in which they live (soil and climate) they are inderdependant

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what are the characteristics of an ecosystem


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what does climate mean in an ecosystem


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