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Young population


Require food, health, education , housing, water
Less money to be used for industry and agriculture
Large family valuable? Can work on land.
Will eventually mean there is a large working population as it enters the economically active age group from 15-64
Contribute money as taxes which can improve quality of life.

However if their are few employment opportunities the unemployment rate will be high.
Government and individuals will have little money so low quality of life.
When the large group of people this age get old, more problems will be caused.

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Aging Population UK

Reasons? Increased life expectancy.

Falling birth rate.

Caused by good health care, diet, water supply and hygiene. Low birth rates because of the cost of having children.

Problems - demand better health care. Less economically active. Lower tax income for government. Reduced spending on education, travel etc. service decline - schools, playgrounds, sports centres not being used.

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Rural Urban Fringe

Keele Business Park

Cheaper land.

Room for expansion.

Good transport links.

Green belt?

Controls urban growth

Urbanisation not allowed - land kept for outdoor activities eg forestry and agriculture.

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Out of town shopping centres.

Festival Park

Free parking and lots of it.
Lots of space - not cramped and room for expansion.
Land price lower - development costs kept down.
Jobs created.
Easily accessible - car.

Destroy large amounts of land and habitats.
Lead to pollution.
Increase in impermeable surfaces - flooding.
Congestion of out of town areas.

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Cambridge Science Park

High tech industry.

Links to university.

Located on outskirts of city.

Good road links to London, the Midlands and the North.

Close to airports and has a direct rail link to London.

Provides jobs.

House prices and traffic congestion rising

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Toyota Processes

Inputs - land, building the factory, workers, supplies (paint, tyres)

Processes - pressing of metal panels, welding, painting, assembly

Outputs - Toyota cars, 70% sold in Europe. Profit and scrap metal.

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