Geography AS - Rebranding


Manchester Rebranding


  • High Crime Rates
  • Low quality infrastructure
  • Decline in tradtional sectors of industry
  • IRA Bomb


  • Tourism based around "Coronation Street"
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Several BBC Operatons moved to Manchester

Key Players:

  • EU - Stimulate economic growth
  • NGO's - Promote city and strengthen the reputation and performance of Manchester
  • New East Manchester - City council, National Housing Agency, North west  Developement
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Birmingham Rebranding


  • Decline in jobs and Education
  • Inrease in crime
  • Stigma
  • Less investment into schools, services and shops


  • Flagships - Helps attract visitors and keep city modern
  • National Exhibition Centre
  • International Conference Centre - attracts people to city

Key Players:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Lottery Fund
  • Bullring Alliance (Partnership)
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London 2012 Rebranding


  • Overhead pylons relocated underground
  • Sport facilities built and reused by local people
  • Olympic village will become affordable housing

Key Players:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • London Developement Agency
  • Transport for London

Costs and Benefits:

  • Increase in environmental quality
  • Affordable housing for 3000 people
  • Loss of jobs
  • Marshgate companies had to relocate
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Cornwall Rebranding


  • Poor infrastructure
  • Away from Core Markets
  • Fewer job opportunities
  • Depopulation


  • Extreme sports which gives young people jobs
  • Jamie Oliver Restaurant: trains young people
  • Eden Project: Visitor attration  social and economic benefits

Key Players:

  • Objective 1
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Eden Project
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Eden Project


  • Uses Brownfield Sites
  • Attracts tourists
  • Education For Schools


  • Traffic Pollution
  • Congestion
  • Pollution
  • Hard to Access
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Diversification: Changing original purpose of land - into somethng new

Valorisation: Sustainable exploitation of underused local resouces to produce wealth


  • Post-production countryside
  • Issues with affordabe housing
  • Local depopulation
  • Lack of Transport infrastructure


  • Lob's Farm: Opened shop to sell to "Garde of Herigan" visitors
  • Loch Lomond: Old Farm land used for outdoor activity centre
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Rebranding in LEDC's - Uganda


  • Low income country - less than $1
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of healthcare
  • Subsistence agriculture


  • Villiage Phone Initiative: Bye a phone to provide villiage with chep calls (economic boost, job opportunities)
  • Equatorial Collage School: Provides chep education and encourages children to return to school
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