AS Geography: Rebranding of a coastal resort

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Dan Grist
Rebranding of a coastal resort ­ Boscombe
Why does it need rebranding?
Boscombe entered a rapid spiral of decline in the 1960's as package holidays abroad became
cheaper and more widely available. Victorian houses had been split into bedsits which
attracted drug users. Social problems have only worsened since ­ a lady found 13 discarded
needles on the beach where her children were playing.
Which stage of Butler's tourist Area Life cycle model is Boscombe?
Currently Boscombe is in decline; it has a low number of tourists and some facilities have
been taken over by local people and have increasing local control. With its rebranding
schemes Boscombe is aiming to move to the rejuvenation stage of the model where
tourist numbers are rising again and there is new national/international investment.
Describe how Boscombe has been rebranded.
There is being a waterfront regeneration (gentrifying the area) - £9 million has been
spent on waterfront apartment on old brown field sites costing £350,000 to
There is 42 "super chalets" ­ upmarket beach huts available for daily hire.
A £1.4 million artificial reef acting as an offshore breakwater to create 13 feet waves
was planned which would double Boscombe's current average of 77 good surfing
days per year, and could attract 10,000 surfers a year.
The pier is being reconstructed, along with the new spa village ­ this includes new
restaurants, shops and extensive landscaping work.
Why has the scheme been considered a failure overall?
The main reason why the scheme has been a failure is because the artificial reef did not
actually produce larger waves! Although there was a slight increase in visitors purely due to
interest towards the reef it did not satisfy the surfer's needs therefore their main target
audience were not being attracted to the area; Boscombe potentially missing out on £10
million annually.


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