GCSE Sociology - Poverty & The Welfare State

Revision notes for the AQA GCSE Sociology specification.

Poverty & The Welfare State

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What is the Welfare State?

19th Century Political view was ==> laissez-faire (the government didn't interfere in people's lives).

Health, Education, Elderly Care dealt with by the individual themselves.

After WW2 the BEVERIDGE Report was released.

Identified 5 Giant Evils:

  • Ignorance
  • Want
  • Squalor
  • Disease
  • Idleness

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This led to the establishment of The Welfare State.

Now many people say there isToo MuchGovernment interference... we now live in a "Nanny State".

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Successes of the Welfare State

You will need to learn ALL of these...

  • Removed Absolute Poverty
  • Everyone has access to medical care via the NHS
  • Free State Education
  • Slum housing has been Demolished
  • People are given the means to train for jobs
  • State pensions enable us to live in Financial Security
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Failures of the Welfare State

AND all of these!

  • Doesn't provide sufficient money to those in need
  • Vulnerable people leave institutional care without the support of alternative care structures
  • Introduction of charges for eye and dental checks
  • Move towards the principle of selective provision
  • NHS hospital waiting lists are increasing
  • Unemployment & Homelessness still RIFE
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