Functions of the Skeleton

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Function of the Skeleton - Shape

  • Bone structure gives the body shape
  • Changes as you grow
  • Determines your height, width, as well as other things such as, size of hands and feet
  • Genetically inherited
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Function of the Skeleton - Support

  • Skeleton provides support to the body
  • Keeps organs in the correct place
  • Vertebral Column allows you to stand upright
  • Provides rigidity
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Function of the Skeleton - Movement

  • Bones are held together by ligaments
  • Tendons attach muscles to bones
  • Muscular and Skeletal systems work together to carry out bodily movement
  • Shape of the skeleton impacts movement
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Function of the Skeleton - Protection

  • Protects organs from damage, for example;
  • the Vertebral Column protects the spinal cord
  • The Ribs and Sternum protect the Heart and Lungs 
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Function of the Skeleton - Blood Cell Production a

  • Spongy tissue in longs bones (e.g. Femur) have 2 types of marrow
  • The two types of marrow are; Red Bone Marrow and Yellow Bone Marrow
    • Red Bone Marrow produce red blood cells and most white blood cells
    • White Bone Marrow produce some white blood cells
  • Minerals are stored in bones, for example; Calcium
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Axial and Appendicular Skeleton

  • Axial is your Cranium to Coccyx, including the Rib Cage
  • Appendicular is your limbs, includer shoulder gurdles (all bones around the shoulder) and hips
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