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Free will and determinism notes
Leopold and Loeb ­ Darrow ­ lawyer
No accidents in nature
Cause and effect
Autonomous of fate
Reactions ­ assumptions that others are free
Morality depends on freedom
Libertarian ­ alternative possibilities to our choices
Take one of two paths
Plato ­ different parts of the soul
Conflicting motivation ­ appetite vs. morality
Free will ­ human dignity and moral outlook
Past determines a unique future
Morality would be out of place in a world without free will
Causal determinism ­ everything is predictable and explicable
Flows from causal sequences ­ outside human meddling
No room for human spontaneity
Matter in motion ­ just atoms moving around ­ physical ­ star dust ­ big bang
Thoughts, memories and behaviour have to be consistent with the path determined for those atoms
Daniel Dennet ­ different perspectives
Causal ­ Newton ­ mechanistic ­ science ­ predictability
Perception one ­ matter
Perception two ­ we're free
Freud ­ contest free will
Unconscious desires
Phobias ­ irrationality of choice ­ not responsible
Volitional responsibility
Existentialism ­ people determine their actions
Choose to feel trapped by their environment and circumstances. Sartre ­ human existence was
substantial and real
Go along with it because we are too lazy to choose
Quantum physics ­ some subatomic particles are indeterministic ­ science does underwrite
Much of the world follows laws of nature
Do we want to say that nothing controls are decisions?
Liberty and necessity are consistent
Hobbes ­ imprisoned ­ not free
Actions of will proceed from liberty
Compatibilism ­ freedom and rules are possible
Will ­ is free if you desire and can do it
Cause... previous ­ necessity (ies)
Contemporary compabibilism ­ (psychologists)
Also suggest that there are internal rules
Physical constraints
Incompatibilism ­ no free will if determinism is true
The freedom to control your actions through your desires
What if desires are controlled?
Don't want desires to come from nothing ­ control ­ values

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Kant ­ Newtonian physics
­ Distinction between natural world (phenomenon (science (determined))) and nominal world
(morality and responsibility ­ free)
Laws of nature
Laws of reason might be different
Ideas of moral responsibility entwined with ideas of free will
Do what we will, can't determine what we will
Choices in big questions
Free will that makes it likely that the things that matter influence decisions
Moved by reasons ­ free will
If determinism is true, what would that mean?
Moral responsibility ­ punishment
­ Deserve…read more


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