Fredericks journey

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Holy roman emperor 

king of germany 

barbarossa - red beard

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why was he an asset

ruled the longest, wealthiest lands in christendom 

had good control of germany 

reached agreement with papacy 

wealth, resources and political power outdid any others 

played a major role in the second crusade 

1188 made the decision to lead another crusade to the holy land 

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how did he prepare

series of measures put in place ot protect the jewish percentage of his population 

archbishop of cologne and frederick were reconciled at the council of mainz, heals relations stopping criticism 

issued land peace to regulate and limit feuds 

his eldest son henry was accepted as co-emperor, allows smooth succession if needed

sent envoys to hungary and constantinople to organise supplies and routes 

declared that all rank and file should have sufficeint funding 

well financed and planned crusade 

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how easy was the passage

it was clear that the army wasnt welcome

issac prevented markets from being set up, cut off supplies 

frederick took radical action, 1189 began a military campaign and a victory against the byz

eventually issac realised the conflict wasnt worth it so returned to previous agreement 

allowed to cross the darendales in march 

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how easy was the journey through Anatolia

serious challenge 

same problems as first crusade 

quickly ran out of food, many horses and supplies were lost 

reached konya and had a chnace to recover 

when they reached the river Goksu frederick entered it and was swept off his horse and killed 

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impacts of his death

some army went home, others sailed to antioch and tripoli and the rest marched overland 

many died on this journey 

those who made it to acre in 1190 were weak and few, siege at acre was minimal 

german campagin for the most part was over 

fractured the army preventing it from putting together and full siege 

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summary 1

catastrophic blow 

immense measure of bad luck 

experienced warrior 

considerable resources 

proven himsel along the way 

limited richards options 

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summary 2

some impact 

saladin diverted troops from acre 

razed defence of ports so fred didnt take them

wekaened his presence at acre from fear of freds progress

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