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Words 41 to 50

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Fossil fuels

Coal, oil and natural gas, or fuels made from them. Burning fossil fuels, e.g. transport, releases C02 which contributes to global warming 

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Functional food

A food that has been artifically modified to provide a particular health benefit on top of its normal value

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Gantt chart

A time plan that shows how long different tasks will take and the order they need to be done it

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The semi-solid structure you get when a small amount of a solid ingredient sets a lot of liquid e.g. jelly

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When starch particles swell and burst, thickening a liquid

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Gelling agent

Something that causes a liquid to thciken and sets a gel

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The instrcutions for how to develop contained in all the cells of a plant or animal. Genes control the characteristics of the plant or animal

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GM food

Food that has had its genes altered to give it useful characteristics.

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Adding a coating to give a product a shiny, glossy appearance

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A protein found in flour that makes dough stretchy

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