Flood Management

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  • Big Embankments (increases depth of the channel)- Digger builds up the embankments

+  Long-term

-  Noisy

- Changes landscape

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Drainage channel

Drainage channel:

Connects one river to another through a channel way-move flooding away from a particular area

+ Aims to reduce flooding in particular areas

-Construction causes disturbances

-Loss of land

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Flood Wall

Flood wall:

Permanent wallls built near the edge of a river

+ Can be made from natural stone

+ Copes well with small floods

- Unattractive

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Removable flood walls

Removable flood walls:

Slots that fit slabs of concrete to increase channel area

-  pushes floods downstream

+ put in at short notice

+ Little environment damage

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Drainage basin

Drainage basin:

Drains out two large basins as it is connected by the rivers

- Noisy to produce

- Disturbs wildlife

+ Effective once finished

+ Encourages wildlife

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Flood gates

Flood gates:

A gate gets opened in flood conditions to allow water into an other area

- Fixed

-Sends water into an other area]

- Unattractive

+ Long term

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