Case study: Bangladesh flooding

This card is a breif summary of flooding that occurs in Bangladesh every year

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Types of flooding in Bangladesh

  • River floods- (rivers can't cope with its load during monsoon periods)
  • Lack of over land surface run-off- (Bangladesh is a low, flat lying counry)
  • Flash floods- (Bangladesh can recieve a years worth of rain in monsoon conditions)
  • Back-flooding- (human defensives are ineffective)
  • Storm surges
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Advantages of flooding

  • Silt build up= fertile soils=no importing food
  • Fishing increase=export earnings=trade opportunities
  • Replenishes ground water reserves
  • Reduction in artifical fertilisers=less pollution
  • Flushes pollutants and pathogens away from domestic areas
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Disadvantages of flooding

  • 23 million homeless, 4,750 dead, 1,000 schools damaged or destroyed, 400 factorises closed
  • 660,000 hectacres of land destroyed, 130,000 cattle dead
  • 11,000 km roads destroyed
  • Dirty water mixes with clean water = diseases
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