The Great Artesian Basin

This set of revision cards are based on Aquifers. It can be used as a case study for the management of aquifers.

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Formation of The Great Artesian Basin


The Great Artesian Basin covers 25% of Australia and it is a primary water source for the country. It formed in four stages over a long period of time:

  • Sea flooded into Australia (leaving the basins ground lower then the rest of Australia)
  • Once the the flood water left, material deposits remained
  • Impermeable and permeable layers of rocks formed
  •  Impermeable rock-Aquifer- Permeable rock

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Problems with the Basin

Problems with the basin:

  • Water wastage (bores drilled into the basin decrease the Artesian pressures)
  • Leading to uncontrollable discharge
  • 95% evaporation of water free flowing from bores
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Management of the Aquifer

Management scheme:

Capping and pipping (all bores will be pipped and capped)

  • Reduces water wastage (water is used when needed)
  • Increases basin pressures
  • reduces evaporation (no feral animals and harmful weeds)

Total cost=$508 (funded by government and land owners)

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