Film Studies - Borders and Belonging - Yasmin

Cards about the film Yasmin (Glenaan, 2004). Key points, comparisons, and detailed notes.

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Key Points and characters

Yasmin - Glenaan, 2004

Yasmin - female, late 20s, from Pakistan, integrated into society.
arranged marriage to Faysal, lives across the street from her
father, has a brother called Nasir.

Nasir - the brother. Not integrated - hates conforming. Sings in the mosque.
Smiles when the twin tower attack happens.

Khalid - the father. Loves traditions. Is integrated though. Angry at Nasir for
saying 9/11 had 'style'. Angry at Yasmin for wanting to divorce Faysal.

John - romantic interest for Yasmin. Always potential, but never really there.
Good friend. Representative of British culture "I'm just going to the pub.
Fancy coming?" - oblivious to other's cultures.

Faysal - husband. There for comical value. He is nieve, too trusting, emotional
and quite stupid. Steals a goat from someone's garden - symbolises him
later on and keeps his presence.

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