Ferdinand and Isabella Securing the Throne

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Key Facts and Dates

1469 - Marriage of F + I. - Begining of Civil War

1474 - Henry IV succseded by Isabella

1478 - Inquistion set up in Castile

1479 - Treaty of Alcacovas = End of 10 year Civil war in Aragon - John II succseded by Ferdinand

1481 - Inquistion Establish in Aragon

1482 - Granada War Begins

1492 - Granada Falls

1500 - Charles I born

1504 - Isabella dies = succesion of Joanna - Argagon annexs Naples

1506 - Phillip Dies + Joanna goes mad = Ferdiand Becomes regent

1512 - Navarre Annexed by castile

1516 - Ferdiand dies = Charles succeseds as King of Castile + Aragon.

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The Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella

  • Originaly inteneded Isaballea was intended for the Portugese King - who was 19 years older
  • Instead she chose Ferdinand - supported by nobility - Woodward "Enriquez family resented portugese interference"
  • married in October 1469 - complex marriage contract
  • Isabella was recognised as heir to Castile
  • Isabella had supremacy in decisions
  • Ferdiand had to supply 100,000 florins + 4000 troops if Isabella need support
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The Castilian Grandees

  • Woodward - "Ferdiand provided great assistance"
  • Mendoza and Toledo backed Isabella
  • Duke of Berry a possible marriage to Joana died - support waned
  • Pope ratified Ferdinand's and Isabella's marriage
  • Towns such as Sergovia (major) delcared Loyalty to Isabella after threat from Vilenia
  • 1474 Villiena dies + victories for Isabella = Henry Acknowledges Isabella as heir
  • Henry IV made new Vilenia Master of Santiago (major City) 1474
  • his death in December 11th 1474 - Isabella crowned in december 13th 1474
  • 1474 Alfonso V - supports joanna hoping to marry her
  • 1476 - Toledo rebels (major Blow to Isabella)
  • Battle of Toro 1476 - Toledo + Alfonso defeated
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Castilian Towns and Cities

  • Most towns were loyal to Joanna and Henry" in 1469 - only Valladolid and Tordesillias opposed
  • Lunenfield "gained support of Towns 1471 - promised not to give cronw lands to grandees"
  • Queen visited Extremandura and Andalucia in 1477
  • Isabella violently took Cordoba and other towns when they refused to support her
  • Once Occupied the Queen sent a Corregidor to safeguard her intrests - 44 had been apointed by 1479
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  • Hermandads where local malitas who protected local rights and enforced law and order
  • already adopted by major towns such as Burgos and Sergovia
  • 1476 - created the Santa Hermandad after conformation from the towns which unfied the Hermandad across the major cities
  • 1st meeting of Hermandad agreed to give 3,000 troops and a tax grant
  • Agreed to continue until end of the Crisis - however she continued it until 1498
  • Kamen states the it was "a great policy that kept law and order" - while infantado saw it as "an ambomination" - Woodward saw it as "effective at confronting towns and cities but weak against the larger grandees" - Pulgar that the queen could not have controlled her aritosocracy otherwise"
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War with Portugal

  • 1475 - Alfonso V anounces that he would invade Castile and marry Joanna
  • Isabella raised 40,000 troops from the Grandees and placed Ferdinand as commander
  • Battle of Toro in March 1476 was inconclusive but halted Alfonso
  • She then summoned the Cortes to show her authority as Queen
  • Alfonso failed in an Invasion in 1478 and the Papacy revoked its Dispensation to Marry Joana - Alfonso loses all claim to Castile

Treaty of Alcacovas

  • Truce between Portugal and Castile
  • Isabella ratified as Queen
  • Ferdinand Regonised as King
  • Joanna becomes a nun
  • Portugal rennouces all claims to the Canaries
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Securing Aragon

  • King John II fighting a civil war scince 1462 against Catalonia
  • Catalonia wanted to replace John and Ferdinand with Rene of Lorraine
  • Saw the mariage as an oppitunity for an alliance
  • Lorraine died in 1470
  • the Revolt ended in 1472 with capture of Barcelona 
  • Crown finaces were ruined + the City and kingdom of Barcelona were destroyed
  • Also the counties of Cerdagne and Rousillon remianed French
  • In 1479 John dies and Ferdinand succeseds him corinated in January and acknowledged by Alcacovas
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