Ferdinand and Isabella Foreign Policy

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella- Foreign Policy
    • Relations w/ North Africa
      • Spain took a number of ports and cities in NA
      • Helped secure trade and dominance over Western Med.
    • Relations w/ France
      • Disputes between Aragon + France over Cerdagne + Rousillon occupied by France
      • This ended after the Treaty of Barcelona
      • Took Naples from French in 1495
      • Battle of Cerignola 1503- French recognition of Aragon's control of Naples, Sicily + Sardinia
    • Summary of foreign pol. achievements
      • Skilful ambassadors
      • Skilful army
      • Naples, NA coast, Cerdagne + Rousillion
      • However- VERY EXPENSIVE
    • Relations w/ Italy
      • Naples ran by an illegitimate branch of F's family
      • King Ferante weak- France took over before Aragon steps in
      • F recieved Holy League under pretence of aiding Pope
    • Relations w/ Portugal
      • Gave up claim to Canary Islands- Treaty of Tordesillas
      • Eldest daughter married Prince Alfonso. He invaded Castile thinking he had a right to the throne
    • Relations w/ Navarre
      • F married Germaine de Foix 1506.
      • Navarre incorporated into Castile 1515
    • Relations w/ England
      • Katherine of Aragon marries Arthur then Henry VIII when Arthur dies


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