Ferdinand and Isabella Foreign Policy

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  • Ferdinand and Isabella - Foreign Policy
    • Relations with France. Disputes between Aragon and France over Cerdagne and Rousillon occupied by France but after Treaty of Barcelona. Took Naples from French in 1495. Battle of Cerignola in 1503 - French recognition of Aragon's control of Naples, Sicily and Sardinia
    • Relations with Italy. Naples run by illegitimate branch of F's family, King Ferante weak so France took over before Aragon steps in. Ferdinand received Holy League under pretence of protecting the Pope.
    • Relations with Portugal. Gave up claims to Canary Islands. Eldest daughter of F and I married King of Portugal's heir. Juana married Prince Alfonso, he invaded Castile as he thought he had right to the throne.
    • Relations with Navarre. F's marriage to Germaine de Foix in 1506. Navarre incorporated into Castile in 1515.
    • Relations with England. Katherine of Aragon marries Arthur he dies. 1509 marries Henry.
    • Summary of Foreign Policy achievements. - skilful ambassadors, skilled army. - Naples, NA coast, Canaries, Cerdagne, Rousillon BUT expensive
    • Relations with North Africa. Spain takes number of ports and cities in NA. Helps trade and secures dominance over Western Med.


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