Isabella Of Castile

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  • Isabella Of Castile
    • Drawn into Castilian politics
    • Half sister of Henry IV
    • Was offered marriage candidates from Portugal, Aragon and France
    • She made the decision to marry Ferdinand without the permission of her brother, Henry, the king
    • Castilian people didn't like that she married without Henry's permission and neither did Henry
      • Henry said that she had shown 'disobedience to the crown'
      • Her claim to the throne was rejected
    • She was made heir to the throne of Aragon if Ferdinand died
      • This was put into Ferdinands will
    • Had close interest into the close conducts of war
      • She also seems responsible for the improved supply methods
      • Established military hospital
    • Concerned with the well-being of Native Americans when they were bought back by Columbus
    • SupportedColumbus
    • Crime was at the lowest it had been during her rule


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