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Spanish term used for Jewish converts to Christianity
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What percentage of sales tax was taken in the Alcabala?
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Who were the Conquistidors?
Conquerors, explorers and discoverers of the New World
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What was the term used to describe the lowest rank of nobility in Spain?
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Who were the letrado?
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What does the 'royal prerogative'?
Rights and privileges of a monarch
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What treaty was signed in 1479?
Treaty of Alcáçovas
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in what year were Muslims ordered to convert to Christianity or leave Spain
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Who was the King of Portugal during Ferdinand and Isabella's reign?
Alfonso V
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Who was the Inquisitor General who published The Index of Forbidden Books?
Hernando de Valdes
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Who became the first Archbishop of Granada in 1493?
Hernando Talavera
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What term is given to a copy of the bible which has different language translations side by side?
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What was Castile's highest form of currency?
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How were the natives of the New World protected?
Laws Burgers/
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Who were the Germania?
brotherhood of rebels
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Who was the royal confessor appointed as Inquisitor General in 1483?
Tomas de Torquemada
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What is the English translation of Juana 'la Beltraneja'?
Joanna the *******
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From which year was Francisco de los Cobos appointed as secretary to Charles V?
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In which year was the Spanish Inquisition set up?
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What is the name given to the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire?
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What formation were the elite Spanish tercio regiments known for?
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What does 'Alumbrados' mean?
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What system assessed and collected taxation in the Spanish location?
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What name was used to describe the Governor in Aragonese Naples?
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Give an example of a Spanish Humanists
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Name of the High Courts of the New World
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Name the year Christopher Columbus went on his first voyage
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What did the Alhambra Decree declare?
Expulsion or conversion of Jews in the Spanish Inquisition
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Month and year of Queen Isabella of Castile's death?
November 1504
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Which official protected Aragonese rights?
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What is the lowest currency used in Castile?
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What does 'Auto de fe' mean in English?
Act of faith
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What term is used to describe new Christian converts from the Muslim community in Spain?
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Who was Charles V's brother?
Ferdinand I of Habsburg
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What member of Charles V's family acted as governess of the Netherlands in 1531-55?
Mary of Hungary
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Who was appointed as viceroy of Valencia in 1523?
Germaine de Foix
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Who did John, Ferdinand and Isabella's son marry?
Margaret of Austria
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Name the treaty made with Portugal in 1494?
Treaty of Tordesillas
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In what year was Joanna ruled unfit to rule?
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Which important Spanish family supported Charles during the Comuneros revolt?
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Who was Jiminez de Cisneros?
Archbishop of Toledo
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Which university did Jimenez de Cisneros set up?
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What did the Mesta do?
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What did Charles set up to help with his economic policies?
Council of Finance
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Which Archbishop of Toledo tried to obtain a cardinal's hat for himself in 1469?
Archbishop Carrillo
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The name of the provincial representative assembly which could raise taxes
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What name was given to royal officials in Castilian towns?
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What league did Ferdinand join in 1508?
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In what month and year did Ferdinand die?
January 1516
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Which Bishop supervised the Hermandad?
Juan de Ortega
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Which Pope granted Ferdinand and Isabella complete control over the Church in Granada?
Pope Innocent VIII
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What papal bull granted Ferdinand and Isabella monopoly over missionary activity in the New World?
Inter Caetera
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What was restricted through the mayarazgo?
Inheritance of land
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What was the juro?
Royal loand/repayment
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What was the term given to a lordship/area of land under a lord?
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Name of the famous battle fought in 1476
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Name the year Ferdinand and Isabella secretly married
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Name the month and year Isabella was crowned Queen of Castile?
December 1474
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What treaty was drafted in 1491?
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Name given for Muslim pirates
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Ferdinand's private secretary
Fernando de Zafra
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Who swore an oath of vassalage to Ferdinand in the Treaty of Cordoba?
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How many Moors were there in Granada?
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Pope Sixtus IV's church tax
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Which treaty secured Rossillon and Cerdagne for Ferdinand and Isabella in 1493?
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Which fortress was secured from the Ottoman invasion in the Mediterranean in the year 1501?
St George in Cephalonia
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Name ports taken by Ferdinand and Cisneros
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Who was Ferdinand's brother-in-law?
Henry IV
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What rights were given over by Louis XII in the Treaty of Blois 1505?
Given Naples
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Under which treaty did Portugal give up its rights to the Canary Islands in 1479?
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What was the Spanish name for the House of Trade established in Seville for the New World?
Casa de Contracion
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Who established a Castilian grammar book in 1492?
Antonio de Nabrija
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Which area of Spain did Philip of Habsburg reign over?
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When was the first book printed in Spain?
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Who was Charles' chancellor?
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What former tutor of Charles' became Pope?
Adrian of Utrecht
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Gold currency used in the HRE?
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Who was mainly responsible for the Spanish Conquest of Central America following Columbus?
Hernan Cortes
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How many expeditions did Columbus make?
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Name two Spanish settlements in the New World secured by 1516?
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Who was Don Carlos?
Eldest son of Philip II
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Name two faction leaders under Philip II of Spain
Duke of Alba
Prince of Eboli
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Name of the advisory committee which met at night
Junta de Noches
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Name two revolts in Spain under Philip
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What decrees came from the Council of Trent?
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Who was the Inquisitor General at the start of the Spanish Inquisition at the start of Philip's reign?
Hernando de Valdes
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Which country had a monopoly on loans to Spain?
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What percentage did the price of grain increase by during Philip's reign in Castile?
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What was the Spanish treasury debt by the end of Philip's reign?
100 million
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What years did Philip declare bankruptcy?
1557, 1560, 1576, 1596
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Name the treaty Philip signed to end the Habsburg-Valois war in 1559
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What was the name of the Christian alliance formed in 1571?
Holy Leauge
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Which important naval battle was fought against the Ottomans during Philip's reign?
Battle of Lepanto
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Which King of Portugal was killed fighting for the Moroccan throne?
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Who did Philip choose as constable of Portugal?
Duke of Braganca
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Who represented Philip in Portugal in 1583?
Archduke Albert of Austria
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Who was sent to the Netherlands as Governor 1567-73?
Duke of Alba
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Which city in the Netherlands was sacked in the Spanish fury?
Antwerp (in Flanders)
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Which new council was established to deal with rebellion in the Netherlands?
Council of Troubles
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Which of Philip's Governors signed the Treaty of Arras with the South Walloon Estates in 1579?
Duke of Parma
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