Fatty acids

Essential fatty acids (EFA'S)

  • EFA'S cannot be made by the body. 
  • EFA'S are essential for regulating body processes, for example, blood clotting and control of inflammation. 
  • Omega 3: found in oily fish, seeds, walnut oil and leafy green vegetables.
  • Omega 3: helps to protect the heart.
  • Omega 6: found in vegetables, fruits, grains, chicken and seeds.
  • Omega 6: it helps to lower cholestrol in the blood.
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Trans-fatty acids

  • Produced when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil.
  • This process is called hydrogenation.
  • This process is used to make fats from oil.
  • Trans fatty acids behave like saturated fats which raises your level of cholestrol.
  • Medical research has shown that trans-fatty acids are very bad for your cardiovascular system and may increase the risk of breast cancer.
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