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  • Fats
    • Why do we need fats?
      • Provide the body with the most concentrated source of energy
      • Supply the body with fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and K
      • Provide a protective layer around delicate organs
    • Composition of fats
      • Carbon, Oxygen and hydrogen
      • Made up of one molecule glycerol and 3 fatty acids
    • Saturated
      • No double bonds, as all carbon atoms are saturated with hydrogen
    • Unsaturated
      • Have 2 or more double bonds
      • Poly-unsaturated fatty acids- many double bonds
      • Mono-unsaturated fatty acids- one double bond
    • Animal fats
      • Mostly saturated fatty acids converted into cholesterol in the liver
      • Too much can clog arteries and cause heart disease
      • All meats, eggs, milk, butter etc.
    • Vegetable fats
      • Mostly made up of unsaturated fatty acids not converted into cholestrol
      • Thought to be healthier
      • Mediterr-anean diets have lower rates of heart disease
      • Corn, olive and sunflower oil, margerine, nuts
    • Ways of cutting down on saturated fats
      • Reduce fried foods eaten
      • Cut all visible fat off meat
      • Eat more chicken and fish rather than red meat
      • Eat low fat spreads, cheese
      • Use oil spray rather than oil


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