Family Policies Studies

List of all studies associated with family policies


Jon Bernardes (1997)

  • Family ideology focuses on traditonals or conservative definition of family life
  • Family ideology states the family is:
  • Young
  • Similarly aged
  • White
  • Married
  • hetrosexual couple 
  • small number of healthy children living in an adequete home. 
  • Clear division of of responsibilites: male primarily full-time breadwinner female care giver or part-time income worker
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Barrett and McIntosh (1982)

  • Family ideology anti-social
  • Some types of family dismissed such as lone-parent
  • Life in other instituations such as care homes seen as shallow and lacking meaning
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Donzelot (1977)

  • Policy a form of state power over family
  • Sees power spread throghout society not just by Government
  • Sees professionals such as Doctors and Social workers as exercising power 
  • Use expert knowledge to control and change families
  • Policing isn't eqaully targeted on all social classes
  • Rejects "march of progress" instead sees it as a form of control
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Eileen Drew (1995)

  • Gender regimes
  • Descirbe how social policies in different countries encourage and discourage gender equality
  • Two types family policies: Traditional familistic" gender regimes, more equal individualistic gender regimes
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