New Right perspective of the Family

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New Right perspective of the Family

  • Belief that the only correct family is the traditonal nuclear family and disprove of other family types e.g. single parent or reconstituted family 
  • Right wing influence (Conservative party), therefore less policies for other family types
  • Charles Murray (1989) High welfare benefits have created a state of dependency (nanny state) e.g. housing policies suit the nuclear family or care in the community; women look after elderly
  • Clear gender roles: women should stay home 
  • Amato- single parent families increase the risk of poverty, crime, and health problems. also youth lack strong father figure 


Rappoports: Their study shows that families in Britain have adapted into different diverse family types, and it is due to different family needs and wishes, which the New Right ignores. (Postmodernism)

Chester: The extent of importance of the nuclear family is exagerated; couples are now dual earners, benefitting families. 

  • structural theorists believe members are manipulated by society to perform certain functions. But people place different meanings on their relationships and post modernists argue people have a choice over the family they have
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