Sociology of the family: cultural diversity

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the extent of ethnic diversity

the 2001 census found significant differences in the family life of ethnic groups in the uk. for example:

  • in 2001, 8% of white and 7% of balck-caribbean households were headed by an unmarried, cohabiting couple compared with just 2% of british asian households.
  • 23% of black-caribbean households were lone-parent families compared with 8% of indian and 9% of white british  households.
  • black-caribbean lone parents are much more likely to be single (71%) than bangladeshi lone parents (5%).
  • In 2001, 71% of black-caribbean adults were single (never married) compared with 39% of white british people, but just 85 of pakistanis and 5% of bangladeshis.


asian families

research by ghazala bhatti (1999) using in-depth interviews of asian families in southern england found a strong emphasis on family loyalty and on trying to maintain traditional family…


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