Factors Affecting Quality of Life

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Physical Life Quality Factors

Physical Comfort- the provision of a suitable environment which meets an individuals needs

Diet- A balanced diet consisting of varied and appetising food can contribute to a good quality of life 

Exercise- can take many forms; walking, doing housework, playing sport, yoga

Safety- improved by preventing the risk of injury, harm and infection. 

Hygiene- cleanliness and the use of precaution to guard against infection and prevent unnecessary disease. 

Pain Relief- Provision of a number of ways to ensure individuals are free from pain 

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Intellectual Life Quality Factors

Stimulation- The presence of a stimulus to keep the mind active and alert, preventing boredom and often depression

Engaging in activities- Means having something to do; voluntary work, paid work, hobbies. Provides individuals with a sense of well being and make them feel worthwile.n 

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Emotional Life Quality Factors

Privacy - they should be allowed oppourtunites to be unobserved or undisturbed. May be when they are embarrassed or receieving treatment of a personal nature, bathing or just want some time to themselves

Dignity - Treating people with respect, not being demeaning, individuals should be addressed as they wish to be, should not use nicknames, not giving orders

Approval - Showing approval of an individual when they are doing something correctly, will increase their self esteem.

Psychological Security - When individuals are not afraid about any aspect of their life. Reassurance and effective communication can help reduce fears. 

Autonomy - A person's ability to have control over their own life and the opportunity to make decisions without coercion from others. 

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Social Life Quality Factors

Social Contact - opportunities to be with other people

Social Support - from people they trust, provides individuals with emotional security, discuss problems and get the help they need 

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