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  • Factors affecting the quality of life of individuals
    • Physical
      • Exercise
        • Exercise has long-term benefits and most people feel better after taking exercise.
        • Different age groups need different types of exercise to improve their quality of life
      • Diet
        • The amount and types of foods an individual eats can affect their quality of life, particularly if they have a condition such as diabetes or high cholesterol.
        • Balanced diet consisting of varied and appetizing food can contribute to a good quality of life by improving health and well-being.
      • Physical Comfort
        • Moving a bedridden individual regularly to prevent soreness
        • changing a baby's nappy regularly to prevent nappy rash and being uncomfortable
        • Providing the care required to maintain comfort.
        • having correct height furniture .
        • The provision of a suitable environment which meets an individuals needs.
      • Safety
        • An individuals quality of life can be improved by preventing the risk of injury, harm and infection.
          • Staff training
          • Using specialist equipment
          • Using safety locks/buzzers on external doors
          • Staff reporting methods
      • Hygiene
        • Refers to cleanliness and to use precautions to guard against infection and prevent unnecessary disease or illness.
        • Examples
          • In all care settings: laws relating to food preparation and food safety guidelines must be followed; staff receive basic food hygiene training.
          • in a hospital: alcohol gel may be used by both staff and visitors.
          • in a nursery: toys should be washed/sterilized regularly.
      • Pain relief
        • Provision to the number of ways to ensure individuals are free from pain. If the pain is not controlled it can have a negative effect on a person's quality of life.
        • Pain relief may be given by the use of prescribed pain-relieving medication or by techniques like massage and TENS machines.
      • ill  health
    • Emotional
    • Intellectual
    • Social


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