Physical factors affecting Quality of Life

Factors affecting quality of life: Physical

including... exercise, diet, saftey, hygiene, pain relief

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  • Factors affecting a quality of life - Physical
    • Comfort
      • Suitable environment - not too hot, not too cold
      • Furniture - comfortable beds, chairs, correct height
      • Not too noisy, able to sleep
      • Careful movement to prevent bed sores
    • Diet
      • Important to have a balanced diet
      • Poor diet can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease
      • Care Settings
        • Special diets, individuals choosing their own foods - cultural, ethnic, religious etc.
        • Pleasant surroundings - table cloths, matching crockery, etc.
    • Exercise
      • Important to maintain healthy weight
      • Strengthen muscles and joints
      • Improve respiration/ breathing
      • Healthy heart
      • Care Settings
        • Children in nursery given opportunity for outdoor play, climbing frames etc.
        • A person in residential care taken out for walks
    • Safety
      • Reduce the risk of harm and infection can be reduced by:
        • Correct moving and handling procedures
        • Correct equipment
        • Safety locks and buzzers
        • Reporting accidents and injuries
      • Care Settings
        • Use of specialist equipment, e.g. bath/bed, stair lifts to reduce the risk of injury
        • Safety locks and buzzers on external doors
    • Pain relief
      • If pain is not controlled it can have a major effect impact on quality of life
      • involve medication, massage, tens machine
      • Care Settings
        • Provision of prescribed medicine for pain relief
        • Use of tens machine
        • Massge
    • Hygiene
      • Good hygiene prevents illness and disease
      • Good hygiene involves personal hygiene, food hygiene and clean environment
      • Hand washing, food hygiene standards, staff training
      • Care Settings
        • Nursing toys should be washed/sterilised regularly
        • Hospitals - alcohol gel used by staff and visitors
        • Guidelines should be followed (food safety)


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