influences on sport participation

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  • Influences on sport participation
    • Cultural factors
      • Disability- facilities
      • Age- affects performance
      • Gender- sex appropriate sports
      • Race- role models of a similar racial background
    • Health and well-being
      • Illnesses which prevents them taking part in sport and physical activity
      • Asthma may affect participation
      • Some people suffer from heart problems
      • Injury can prevent participation
    • Resources
      • Access: easy access
      • Availability:  more facilities and resources are available
      • Location: closer facilities
      • Time: time the facilities are available
    • Image
      • Fashion- attractive equiptment
      • alternative sports attract people- bmx
      • Media- tv, radio, magazines, internet
    • Socio-economic factors
      • Associated costs
      • Status in society
      • Employment
    • People
      • Peers- friends support/ encourage
      • Family- example, transport
      • Role models- admire talent/ sucess


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